Friday, March 10, 2006

Return Journey from Madurai:

The best or rather the scariest part was the return journey. After all the hassles about getting the ticket in the train or in the bus, we (NP’s friend) finally managed to get for all of us in a sleeper bus. All of us were happy. Probably we would have traveled 10 kms for half an hour (which includes the bus fuelling….) and one of the passenger noticed that the head light is not working and that a guy was made to stand near the entrance steps with a torch signaling people about the bus coming that way (Hello .. what were they thinking…)

Suddenly we heard someone bashing up someone and the bus turned to another petrol bunk. That’s when we realized all this, since we were sitting in the last row. Everyone got down except us and called the police and after the clarification, the police called the owner and arranged for a van…. To add to the misery we again got the last seat in the van where the chairs were up straight …with no place to keep our legs stretched. For this arrangement to take place we started from Madurai at 12.30am (actually we were supposed to leave by 9pm).

Half way through this tiresome journey, Np’s friend offered a place in few push back seats and need not tell, I slept like a log till we reached Chennai at 10.30 am.