Thursday, July 13, 2006

10 days into the new project

Yeah have been in this project for 10 days now... and nothing has happen untill now.......... well they did give me this small work(which can be completed in few days) and thats all...

I have been coming to office checking mails, talking with friends, learning couple of new stuff on daily doses(new language-computer language) and leaving home.

Today as part of our vertical celebration , TUG-of-WAR, was conducted in our office, did not expect so many people to turn up for the event.( We generally have events conducted with less than 3 teams participating) and today we almost had 14 teams (10 member team). Unusual turn up for a vertical in Chennai . Every one participating with so much of energy ... feels good.

Some time when thinking about how busy other people are ,i really feel depressed.
At home i make myself busy, i do clean my room, and have watched couple of movies over this ten days. I saw X-men III , spiderman II, super man returns.... and all this during the week days.

The previous week end i had gone home too, and had gone to this temple in kerala. Mangattu Bagavathy amman Kovil. Its almost 2 hours journey from my native place. They do some special pooja for "Dhristi" ( people who know tamil will understand).

And one of my best friend has given birth to a twin- girl and a boy...I havent seen her or them.. the next visit to my parents place , will definitely see.. waiting for it.