Thursday, June 29, 2006

Change of project

Finally , i got the change of project i had been wanting. Not that i did not like the previous project , but when i think on a long term , i prefer to stay with this.
I had liked my ex-collegues a lot, and especially my cubicle. It has been always fun, Work while you work and play while you play.

It been a week since i have moved out the earlier project with lot of trouble for every one of my seniors . I am glad they approved my movement. Now i am sitting in this new project for a week now with absolutely no one to talk to (since i have no idea who my team mates are and also there are around 200 ppl sittin in this Bay) and also no work.

I realise the pain of sitting without no work to do .
" an idle mind is a devil's workshop" has been apt for me for this past month. I might run in depression i guess.. oh jus kidding .