Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brutal Killing

I do regret deeply the two incidents of children getting mauled in Bangalore. These were two unfortunate incidents of children being mauled by stray dogs happened in semi-rural Bangalore, where the CNVR program (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release/ABC) has NOT been implemented.

Obviously, the media of this city went to town over this and pointed fingers at the local authorities. The solution suggested by the Bangalore authorities was to KILL EVERY STRAY DOG (numbering in hundreds of thousands) is the most primitive and barbaric one can imagine, and only points to their incompetence and indifference to the real problem at hand. Thousands of animals have been subjected to death by strangulation, crushing their skulls with boulders after bleach thrown in the eyes to make the animal blind and docile.

I really don’t understand how people who are supposed to have the 6th sense behave in such viciousness. The rational solution, which any person with an iota of sense and sensitivity will see, is not by eliminating every dog but by scientifically controlling the population to keep out the real strays that have not been neutered and vaccinated. We should appeal to the CMC's and put pressure on them to immediately stop catching dogs if they are collared or have been Vaccinated and Neutered. (Identified By Clipped Ear). All un-neutered dogs should be caught and sent consequently for the CVNR program.

This barbaric act should definitely be punished. Dogs are mans’ best friend and they don’t deserve this treatment. We should learn to love them and share this place with them. Just by walking erect, eating with hands and doing programming one does not become human. If the sight of little animals being butchered does not move you, then you do not deserve the tag anyway.

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